“William Schlegel is part of the driving force that has made Concrete Equipements (a division of Command Alkon in France) successful in their market place. William works very hard to develop the best plant automation products for his customers and continues to work on future product features and enhancements for his products - to deliver on time and in the most economical way! I am proud to say I know and to work with such a professional as William Schlegel.”
“William and his team have developed a system that is broad and deep in its functionality and reach. In fact, the product is so good that our current company, Command Alkon, purchased his firm about two years ago. The products that William oversees are in a process control business, with stringent requirements of reliability and up time. Our company has been able to expand our business into India based on the work of William and his team. All of this has occurred during a time of tight budgets and modest resources, which is a strong testament to his managerial skills. I look forward to working with William in the future as our cross-ocean organizations are integrated together.”
“Je connais William Schlegel de longue date. Je peux témoigner de ses connaissances professionnelles, de sa grande rigueur et de son implication totale dans ce qu'il entreprend. J'apprécie travailler avec lui.”
“I strongly recommend William : He has been reliable in all projects we have been working together on, his work is very serious and i hope we will continue to collaborate for a long time.”